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Company Culture

corporate culture


Service: Always take customer as the center, respect and care for customers, find customer's demand, provide personalized products and services to meet customer's expectations and dreams; Emphasize the internal service, the internal service is the foundation of the external service, managers at all levels should have a strong sense of service, do a good job to the internal customer's service, the front-line service.

Innovation: Adapt to the trend of industry development, market competition and the challenges faced by enterprises, and respond to changes and challenges flexibly. Keep an open mind, experiment boldly, continually improve, and tolerate failure.

Steadiness: Standardize operation and operate in compliance with regulations to realize long-term and stable development.


Respect: The enterprise respects the employee's personality, dignity and personal needs; Employees are loyal to the company while making full use of their potential. Employees respect each other.  

Caring: Managers at all levels should pay attention to the life and development of their employees, pay attention to the use of both material and spiritual means, so that employees can realize their personal value, and make value recognized.

Share: Each employee is a member of the Rekada family, to work together to promote the development of the enterprise; There should be open and honest communication, mutual trust, mutual support and common growth between enterprises and employees, between employees and employees.