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Will your phone explode if you play it while charging?

My mother scolded me for playing with my mobile phone while charging,



Who told my mom that the mobile phone will explode if play it while charging?


It’s time for a bit of science.

Although it has happened that a charged phone suddenly explodes,but I will told you..


Colloquially speaking, the mobile phone explosion, in fact, is the battery explosion.

After all, the other components of the mobile phone can not explode.

Actually, it can be divided into two parts while charging–the charger powers the phone & the charger powers the battery.

So the idea that the battery explodes as it charges and discharges is not true.



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In fact, the cause of the battery explosion is generally short circuit, because short circuit instantaneous generation of large current, resulting in a sharp rise in temperature, resulting in a sharp expansion of the battery and explosion.

Most of the explosions occurred for the following reasons,

1.There are defects inside the phone

 In other words, the phone itself has problems, such as circuit design problems, which may lead to a short circuit when charging.

2.Not using original charger and battery

Charger from different manufacturers may be different, and charger power may be different.






Post time: Sep-21-2019