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  • Shenzhen Rewoda Electronics Co., LtdRecent new product recommendation

    Shenzhen Rewoda Electronics Co., LtdRecent new product recommendation

    Shenzhen Rewoda Electronics Co., Ltd It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of consumer electronic terminal charging power products. The company adheres to the business philosophy of “focusing on pragmatism”, insisting on the “craftsman spiritR...
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  • 11 Phone Battery Myths You Really Have to Stop Believing

    Is it bad to leave your phone plugged in overnight? Do you have to wait until your battery dies to charge your phone? Tech experts reveal the truth.   Myth: I shouldn’t keep my phone plugged in overnight Truth: Smart technology stops your phone from charging after i...
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  • Will your phone explode if you play it while charging?

    My mother scolded me for playing with my mobile phone while charging,   Who told my mom that the mobile phone will explode if play it while charging? It’s time for a bit of science. Although it has happened that a charged phone suddenly explodes,but I will told you.. Colloquially s...
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  • Does fast charging ruin your battery?

    If you bought a phone in the last year, it might have included some kind of quick charger, or offered one as an accessory. Here's how they work to charge your phone in half the time of a typical charger. While they might seem like ...
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  • Cell Phone Charger Buying Guide

    Nowadays,using a wall charger to charger your phone remians a primary method, but the ways in which you can get the power you need continue to change with time. Any device that uses a battery usually comes with a charger of some sort. You may want to have a backup option...
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  • What is USB-C and USB-C PD(Power Delivery)?

    Smaller and more slender than the well-known Type A, USB-C is designed with a reversible tip and no “up” or “down” orientation. This means you don’t need to flip the connector around several times to fit it correctly into the port. It’s sleek enough to be used in small, ...
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  • What is happening when your phone die?

    We’ve all felt the pain. We’ve all been through the painstaking grief and the nauseating heartache that comes when the unthinkable happens – your phone hits zero.Yes, today we’re talking about a hot topic in the world of technology. Today, we look at how letting your pho...
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  • Tips to Choose a Good Power Adapter for your Laptop

    With the development of technology, we have to source newer and newer ways to have the best of all devices. Maybe you are struggling with how to choose a Replacement Adapter. But now you do not worry about that. This following are some tips of choosing a replacement adapter, 1. Find your laptop...
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  • The rise of smart products, the future of chargers and adapters

    Recently,Chinese electronics company Xiaomi opened its flagship store in xi’an. Xiaomi has also grown from a maker of domestic phones to a giant supplier of smart products. Now, Xioami’s products like mobile phone, home appliance, laptop earphone, speaker taking a place in the world....
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  • The upcoming six future products

    The upcoming six future products

    According to Now Gadgets reports from the modular smart phones to laptop wireless charger, it is expected that these technologies will soon become the mainstream. Now Gadgets recently inventory of the 6 major future products will soon become a reality. Now, our smart phones, tablet PCs and even...
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