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The name of the Android phone data cable, what is the name of another head called usb?

The Android mobile phone data cable is a USB interface, and the other is called a Micro interface. The full name is Micro-USB interface. Micro USB is a portable version of the USB 2.0 standard, which is smaller than the Mini USB interface used by some mobile phones. Micro-USB is the next-generation specification of Mini-USB, which was developed by USB Standardization Forum (USB-IF) in 2007. Completed on January 4th. Micro-USB supports OTG, and like Mini-USB, it is also 5pin. The definition of the Micro series includes Micro-B series slots for standard equipment. Micro-AB slots for OTG equipment; Micro-A and Micro-B plugs, and cables.

Is the phone full of power and the charger will damage the phone?

The power management of modern mobile phones is perfect. After the mobile phone is full, the charger is in light load operation, and the output current is very small. Because the battery is basically full, the current that can flow is very small. At this time, the chip automatically stops charging and the battery changes to the discharge mode. Also use an external charger to work together. In theory, there is no harm to the phone because there are many protection mechanisms in control of this process. However, considering that after connecting the charger, the system becomes complicated, and the probability of the problem will indeed become high, so it is full of pulling or not, it is up to you to decide. Considering safety, unattended situations, it is better to unplug it.

Can the mobile phone charger be used directly in Taiwan?

Depending on the voltage on the charger, the voltage is usually printed on the surface of the charger:

If you print 100~220V on it, you can use it in Taiwan.

If you only print 220V, then you need to bring a conversion socket.

How do the 4 lines in the mobile phone charger distinguish the positive and negative poles of 5v?

The charging line is connected to 4 lines, red and black respectively indicate the positive and negative poles of 5V.

What is the frequency of the mobile phone charger?

The frequency varies according to the voltage of different countries.

China's single-phase electrical frequency is 50Hz. According to preliminary statistics, global single-phase electricity has basically only two frequencies of 50 Hz and 60 Hz, and the voltages are different, ranging from 100, 110, 120, 127, 220, 230, and 240.

Does fast charging ruin your battery?

Quick Charge devices allow more than your typical chargers, without damaging the battery. ...
If you plug a quick charger into an older device,the regulator will still prevent it from overloading your battery.You won't harm your device, but it won't charge any faster.